Saturday, February 14, 2009

Miss Bank$ & Ladytron are "Seventeen"

Danny Ladytron dropped this bomb on my desktop when I asked him to IM that rare Darren Emerson remix of "Seventeen." It's 17-year old Harlem girl Miss Bank$ rapping over Ladytron. Her rhymes are sic! The Fader has blogged her and 77Klash signed her to his Klash City label. We want more.

Miss Bank$ - Seventeen (320 MP3)

Ladytron - Seventeen (Darren Emerson remix) (320 MP3)

Ladytron are set to tour North America in April with The Faint...but before that Danny and Reuben will be in LA to work up some tracks for Miss Aguilera - a huge Ladytron fan. Here's the new vid.

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