Thursday, April 17, 2008

NSM PSM - Mexico City's Got Next

Mexico City is my new favorite place. It's crowded - the second largest city on the planet with 19 million people. The air pollution can get unbelievably bad - the city is built within a basin 2200 meters above sea level so oxygen is already scarce. BUT the people here are so incredibly friendly and open to newcomers. It's always hugs and kisses whenever introductions are made. And the food is sublime - I think I ate nopales tacos (cactus to us gringos) every night. One thing to look out for is that when drinking tequila or mezcal one must calculate the effect of the high altitude if you want to be able to walk home under your own power. And don't ever take the VW Beetle cabs for fear of being kidnapped.

My reason for visiting Mexico is a duo called NSM PSM - that's short-hand for NON STOP MUSIC...PLAY SOME MUSIC. Kay and Pato have been DJ-ing since they were kids - growing up with cassette mixtape culture, early Chicago house and big beat as influences. They're as likely to select Elvis as Daft Punk while performing at all the big indie and dance events in Mexico City.

Kay is also the DJ and performs some vocals with one of the biggest alternative acts in Mexico - Mexican Institute of Sound. More on them in a future blog post, but quickly, MIS are KCRW favorites and are playing at Glastonbury this June.

Pato also owns a store called Beat Box in Puebla outside of Mexico City that carries clothes, sneakers and Kid Robot style toys; while Kaye also produces trailers for Mexican produced films.

"Clap Your Brains Off" will be on their debut EP released in a few months time. They're looking for remix swaps on the track by the way.

NSM PSM's brand new remix of Mexican Institute of Sound's "Para No Vivir Deseperado" is also available below for the first time.

NSM PSM - Clap Your Brains Off 320 MP3

Mexican Institute of Sound - Para No Vivir Desesperado (NSM PSM remix) 320 MP3

Mexican Institute of Sound MySpace

Circuit Freq

Who are Circuit Freq? If you check out their Top Friends on the MySpace page you'd think Circuit Freq are Ancient Keyboards from before the Death of Analog - and not Humans. Since we, as humans, need to have all our spaces filled - a story is needed to satisfy your curiosity as to their identities.

Here goes - Circuit Freq is two Estonian high-school age hackers who mod-ed out their musician Dad's old analog gear and use it to make this insane music. The story continues that they met Felix da Housecat at a rave held on an aging Russian oil tanker floating in the Black Sea off Bulgaria. Upon hearing the Circuit Freq track "Black Chrome" reverberating thru the rusty hull of the ship, Felix insisted upon a copy. And now he's IM-ing the file to all his DJ friends - finally it ends up here on this blog.

OR you could make up your own fable......

Circuit Freq "Black Chrome - Original Mix" 320 MP3

Circuit Freq MySpace

A Virgin Tear, JK DJS & Rabbit In The Moon May 10 PHX

Back in 1996 I thought about getting a Sonic The Hedgehog tattoo on my hand. Bad idea. Now I tell people if I WAS to have a tattoo - it would be of an Easter Island statue on my left shoulder. A tiki body ornament would be so cool but I don't think it will ever happen.

If you like your techno DJs mixed with tattoos, piercings, heavy guitars and dark electronica - the 13th Annual Club Tattoo celebration in Tempe, AZ on May 10 is going to be a MUST-SEE experience. Even if you don't have any tattoos or piercings - like myself - the lineup of talent still makes this an event I AM NOT GOING TO MISS.

Some background - Club Tattoo was founded by Sean Dowdell and Linkin Park's Chester Bennington in Phoenix in 1995 and is world renowned in the body art field. They're even opening up a parlor in Vegas - so you can get a tattoo of your honey's name immediately after you get hitched by Elvis. What happens in Vegas stays....on you forever!

Here's your lineup - legendary electronic music pioneers Rabbit In The Moon headlining, the awesome Julien-K opening and a special set of previously unheard songs by Chester Bennington - in my opinion, the most mesmerizing vocalist in rock.

Plus Ty from Virgin Tears (now out on his own under the new moniker A Virgin Tear), the JK DJS (Amir and Brandon of Julien-K) and Jeremy Dawson of Shiny Toy Guns all rocking out on the decks before, during and after.

See you there.

Event details & tix
Club Tattoo MySpace
A Virgin Tear MySpace
JK DJS MySpace
Rabbit In The Moon MySpace
Shiny Toy Guns (Jeremy Dawson) MySpace