Thursday, October 09, 2008

Deth Hertz - JK DJS - DJ Krassy @ Airport San Diego Oct 10

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NSM PSM "Clap Your Brains Off " - Mexican droste music video

This video uses a mathematical formula used by M.C. Escher, in some of his work known as the "Droste Effect." This is my first video clip as a Director, and it was made entirely using a Digital Reflex Camera, the Canon's Mark III, which captures up to 115 continuous pictures at 10 fps.

As this was a really low budget video, it was made possible only thanks to the help of lots and lots of friends. This is the result of almost 6 months of work.

- Frank Beltrán

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Now Is The Time (Vote '08 remix) - The Crystal Method

Like 38 million other Americans, we were transfixed listening to Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. It reminded us of the creative process we went through all those years ago, listening to samples of inspiring old civil rights speeches and creating the original "Now Is The Time."

We don't often revisit old songs but we've been spending so much time looking forward as we work on our new album it seemed appropriate to take a minute to look back at the beginning. Plus, right now, no American could be hurt by hearing another inspiring message whether it's on the morning news or at the club later that night. This is a song we just want people to hear.

We understand there are many people who have different opinions and political views than we do, and that's fine. As Americans, we feel it is important for all of us to voice our views and encourage others to do the same. That's why on November 4th we implore everybody to vote for the candidates you feel will be best for our country.

We hope you enjoy this mix for what it is... a rocking jam that is meant to inspire you to move. Which way you go is up to you.

Also, we want to thank Shepard Fairey for creating the Obama "Now" image which is based on his iconic Obama "Hope" poster.

Peace and Thanks for Listening,
Scott & Ken
The Crystal Method

The Crystal Method - Now Is The Time (Vote '08 remix) 320 MP3

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

MixCast 04: Deth Hertz - Fall From Hell

Here's the new mix. It's titled Fall From Hell. Apt title seeing as everything just hit the fucking fan. We hope this eases your pain. If not there's always "pure MDMA."
- Deth Hertz


Koma + Bones - Body Count (original)
Maral Salmassi - Firegem (Fukkk Off remix)
Zero Cash - I Get Down (original)
Tommie Sunshine - Limit Of Your Mind (original)
Evil Nine - They Live (Rogerseventytwo remix)
Cassette Jam - Retox (Arveeene & Misk remix)
Foamo - Everything Cool (original)
Nick Coleman - Faces Of Meth (In Luv w/ Meth edit)
Zero Cash - Make Up (original)
G.D.R. - Powder (Elite Force remix)
Fukkk Off - Rave Is King (original)
autoKratz - Just Keep Walking (original)
Etienne de Crécy - France (PGDD edit)
The Human League - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Tiga remix)
Circuit Freq - Black Chrome (Vandal remix)

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MixCast 04: Deth Hertz - Fall From Hell (64 min)
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