Monday, December 22, 2008

Deth Hertz DJs @ NYE 2009 Fortune 421 Party in San Diego

Tyson from Deth Hertz tag teams with Superfox from 1 to 4 AM at the Fortune 421 NYE 2009 party. This 2000 capacity event is now SOLD OUT.

Circuit Freq & Deth Herz

Deth Hertz delivers to one and to all a Xmas present from the Circuit Freq'ers. It's the Deth Hertz edit of Vandal's remix of "Black Chrome." Vandal's remix hit #2 on Beatport's breaks chart.

Look for a new track from this camp in January - "No Headphones" - a collab betwwen Circuit Freq & Deth Hertz.

Circuit Freq - Black Chrome (Vandal remix: Deth Hertz edit) 320 MP3

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