Friday, July 11, 2008

Cowgum - "Druggggssszzz"

It's pretty fitting that my favorite new drug song comes from my favorite drug city- Amsterdam. But A-dam doesn't make this schit by itself. So the two coolest fuckers from Holland (sorry to Mirik, the goat herder- you're #3) had to get together and form Cowgum.

Cowgum is .5 Richard Cameron (Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, Arling & Cameron, and the super-righteous Fluffy Target) and .5 my main man Joost van Bellen (seriously the coolest motherfucker I know-- a legend). My first Cowgum exposure "Filthy and Raw" has never (not ever) left the record bag, and "Druggggssszzz" is gonna be fixture as well.

Crazy Dutch sex-pot WANNABEASTAR sings the vocal hooks ("I need a big hit!"). Remixing is Brazilian electro scener Edu K, and he gives it a proper Crookers twinge. Sic.

Cowgum - Drugggssszzz feat. Wannabeastar (Edu K Doctor Gonzo rmx) 320 MP3

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